Violin Lessons

Nurture Music violin studio enrolls students from the age of 3 with their parent, to begin their own musical journey.

Before Buying a Violin

Violin lessons will usually begin before the child acquires his first instrument. There are a lot of work and exercises that the teacher will show the child to prepare his body for violin playing. When the time is right, the teacher will give advice and assistance in purchasing the right instrument for successful learning.


Lessons at Nurture Music are generally within the following opening hours:

Tuesday - Thursday: 9:30am - 6pm

Saturday: 10:30am - 5pm

Sunday - Monday: only open under special arrangements

Enrolled students attend lessons at the same scheduled time each week. Lessons for preschool age children are generally scheduled between 9:30am and 3:00pm, while school age children are scheduled between 3.30pm and 6pm.

Individual Lessons

At least one parent is expected to attend violin lessons with their child and will be mentored to provide the most conducive learning environment at home. New students and their parents will begin by listening frequently to the repertoire recordings. Meanwhile, they will observe selected private or group lessons of more advanced players so that they can become used to the lesson format and become excited about what is ahead. The teacher will assess when the child is ready for to begin private lessons.

Individual lessons occur weekly during school terms and are generally 30 minutes in duration. The teacher will be very sensitive to the needs of the child, and will help her to build her concentration span. In the early stages, when the limit of the child’s concentration is reached, the teacher may spend the remaining time guiding the parent on points for successful home practice while the child rests.

Group Lessons

Group lessons occur regularly throughout the year and are a key component of Suzuki learning. Since every child learns the same repertoire, they are able to play as much as they have learned together. Children enjoy this experience and, through observation of other students, it serves as great motivation for continued learning, while developing their confidence and freedom. These lessons form the groundwork of musical communication for playing in ensembles later on, and encourage community and social development.

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Please note, all lesson vacancies are currently filled for 2021.

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