Establishing (or re-establishing) a successful practice routine

Wisdom from renowned Suzuki teacher, Zohara Rotem

Zohara Rotem is a pianist, Suzuki teacher and teacher trainer who has inspired many many teachers (including myself), parents and students through her unique ability to share her passion and knowledge of Suzuki talent education with warmth and authenticity. She hosts the Souloist Podcast - Conversations on soul, music, life and many things in between,  which includes a stream called SuzukiCast, dedicated to Suzuki Talent Education topics which is a great support and resource for Suzuki parents (and teachers). The latest four-part series, Back to the Groove, focuses on how to establish (or reestablish) a successful practise routine. Each episode is less than 20 minutes long, and I strongly suggest listening to one per week to really be able to absorb her valuable wisdom and put it into practise (pun intended)!

Listen to the first Back to the Groove episode: #23. SuzukiCast - Back to the Groove - Week 1 - Practice Pleasan‪t