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I Enjoy My Lessons

I enjoy my lessons with Genevieve. She keeps things interesting and is very encouraging when I have difficult passages to work on.

Eloise Dahm
age 12 years

Naturally Happy and Calm

Genevieve has a naturally happy and calm demeanour that children are drawn to. Always supportive and encouraging, her attention to detail and thorough preparation for each lesson builds consistent improvement in students. Genevieve’s passion for music and young people is always evident and we thoroughly recommend her.

Rae Dahm
mother of Eloise
age 12 years

A Beautiful Way to Learn

My daughter loves her lesson each week. Genevieve is a calm, encouraging and supportive teacher always looking for the best way to teach each student, and making each lesson fun. I am finding the Suzuki method a beautiful way to learn. Becoming immersed in a piece of music brings such joy. I highly recommend Genevieve.

Tracey Tam
mother of Bianca
age 8 years

Nurture by Name, Nurture in Nature

Genevieve has been a guiding light throughout our musical journey this past year. She has been instrumental (pardon the pun) in building Kalai’s confidence and has been a constant source of encouragement and support, never once failing in her positive approach and gentle teaching style. We love our weekly lessons and can’t recommend Genevieve enough!

Nivey Govender
mother of Kalai
age 6 years

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  • How do you or your child enjoy the lessons?
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  • Describe your child’s enthusiasm for practising at home.
  • What is your experience of the Suzuki method and your recommendation of this style of music lessons?
  • What are your thoughts about Genevieve as a teacher?
  • How have the lessons contributed to your child’s growth?


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