Role of the Parents

"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished"

Dr Shinichi Suzuki

Development of the Suzuki child’s ability depends on the commitment and actions of the parent or primary carer.

During lessons, the teacher provides instruction points for the child, which the parent notes and reiterates for the child at home. The teacher also instructs the parent in how to create the most conducive learning environment.

At Nurture Music studio, parents are responsible for:

  • Providing frequent listening to the repertoire recordings

Acquisition of ability relies on the child listening to the music they are learning. Right from the time the commitment is made for the child to learn music in the Suzuki way, the CD recording of the first book should be played repeatedly every day in the home environment where the child can hear it. It should be played at a low volume, which allows the daily activities of the family to continue.  The more the students hear the recordings, the more easily and beautifully they learn to play.

  • Attending lessons

Parents attend each lesson with the student, silently observing what is taught and taking notes. The teacher will frequently give direct advice to the parent for home practice.

  • Facilitating daily practice

With the full attention of the parent, and following instructions given in the lessons, the child should practice every day.

  • Creating a conducive practice environment

Parents create an environment of affection, support, encouragement, understanding and love in which the learning process can occur.

  • Instrument care

The parents will gain a basic understanding of the instrument and how to take care of it. They, in turn, guide the children in the care and respect of the instrument.

  • Participating in events

It is a vital part of the Suzuki learning process that parents attend workshops, concerts, group lessons, parent talks, graduations and summer schools with the child. These events provide variety, fun and motivation for all.

  • Suzuki membership

Membership of the Suzuki Association (NSW) is essential for all Suzuki families.

  • Agreeing to the studio policy

Information will be provided to parents regarding the specific expectations of the studio, including a policy on fees, attendance, absence, lesson etiquette and codes of behaviour. Parents are asked to sign a copy of the studio policy in recognition of their agreement.

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